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  • Leonard Stanley Primary School
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Committee Meeting

14th March

If you’d like to get involved and help fundraise for your children’s school then please come along. There are refreshments (even cake sometimes), and if you can only come for part of the meeting, or you need to leave early due to childcare provisions that is absolutely fine. We are also flexible in terms of what commitment you can offer. Once you attend a meeting don’t think you are then expected to attend all others and help at all of our events. We welcome any amount of time or resource. All parents, carers, friends, relatives, residents are welcome!

If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to help us at events, through our ‘How You Can Help’ initiatives or you have an idea you’d like us to help you facilitate then please get in touch.

“Parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools. When parents and teachers work together to improve learning, the gains in achievement are significant”.
Do Parents Know They Matter (Harris & Goodall/University of Warwick 2007)