Shout Out Corner

Shout Out Corner

Here we will be asking for any donated items or specific skills/manpower, any of which will be gratefully received!

Class Reps

Please can you be a Class Rep?
You can be the Rep in your child’s class :+)
• You will be someone who can pass on FOLSS information to parents.
• Keep parents informed of what’s going on more directly.
• Be the person they come to you if they have a query about an event or fundraiser.
• Help encourage and recruit parents to help at our events.
You do not have to be a member of our Committee to fulfil this role

Fireworks Stewards

Please can you be a Fireworks Night Steward?
It can be you, your husband, relative or friend.
• You will be helping us keep people safe at our event.
• You can sell tickets at the gate.
• No experience necessary.
You get FREE ENTRY into the event

Stage Builders

Please can you help us build our Performance Stage + seating?
It can be you, your husband, relative or friend.
• You will be helping to create a great space in our School field.
• Tools provided (or bring your own).
• Saturday 28th September 10am – 4pm (free cake!).

Committee Members

Please can you help us decide where and how our funds are spent, what events/initiatives we run etc.?
• We are a fun, friendly and approachable bunch!
• Monthly Wednesday meeting 7:30 – 9pm
When parents are involved in their child’s education, Children do better on a wide range of measures including: Better behaviour, more confidence and greater self-esteem, higher attendance rates, a lower risk of exclusion, more enthusiasm about learning and better results.

Event Helpers

Please can you help at our events?
We have varied events throughout the year, some in School hours some evenings/weekends. Setting up, selling, clearing away roles.
• You can help as little or as much as you can.
• See our website for a list of our upcoming events (TBC list live online 12th Sept)
• If you are interested please pop your name down below.
You do not have to be a member of our Committee to fulfil this role

Ideas & Skills

Do you have any ideas/skills that you think we could use?
We are always on the look out for new ideas and skills that we can use to help us fulfil our fundraising and project goals.

Garden plants/seeds, tools, compost etc.

Wanted please. gardening club and Outdoor Learning would really appreciate any donations of the following:

Compost, seeds, seedlings (veg, fruit or flowers), bulbs, seedling trays, watering cans (especially child size), hand tools (safe, good working order), bird food/feeders/nesting boxes and spring/summer bedding plants.

Timber, paint, DIY materials etc.

We are continually improving the Outdoor Learning environment at the School, so we would really appreciate any spare materials you can offer us.

If you have any donations please leave them in the School Office Reception area. If donating larger items please text Jo Byrne 07814 578718 to arrange delivery/collection. Many thanks!