Resus Classes

Resuscitation classes

Family Membership mandatory requirements

The adult(s) who will be taking the children swimming MUST have attended one of the resuscitation classes that take place at the school before the end of the summer half term or hold a valid First Aid Certificate (to be shown and copied for our records) and the same adult(s) MUST be present when their children are using the pool. If you are found to attend with children and you have not adhered to this mandatory requirement your Family Membership will be revoked immediately and you will be asked to return your key fob. This is a mandatory requirement of the insurance policy.

You will have to attend a class every year you have a membership. The classes are always held in May/June of that year

For anyone who holds a valid current First Aid Certificate you will need to to complete a Registration Form, sign the School Pool Rules Contract and pay. You will also need to show and hand in a valid copy of the certificate for our records.

Class dates 2018

The resuscitation classes will be held during May/June 2018. We try and book around 6-8 classes. Each class can have up to 20 people in attendance.

Dates will be announced next April 2018.

What does a class involve?

Our Resus Trainer Jane is a fantastic tutor. She will talk you through and demonstrate the recovery position, resuscitation technique on dummies, use of a defibrillator and much more. You will then pair up and have a go yourselves. Jane also imparts lots of useful tips that will help give you confidence if you are thinking “What do I do?”. There is no test at the end and you can ask questions throughout the session.

At the class you will need to:
1. Complete a Registration Form
2. Sign the School Pool Rules Contract
3. Pay for your Family Membership (cash or cheque (+ separate deposit cheque) payable to ‘Friends of Leonard Stanley School’ or ‘FOLSS’)
4. Listen to the training session
5. Practice resuscitation technique on ‘Resus Annie’ model

Please text Jo Byrne on 07814 578718 for more information regarding pool use