6 reasons why your PTA really matters

6 reasons why your PTA really matters

20th September 2018 Off By folss_admin

1. For the kids
Being active in the PTA not only improves your child’s school but makes you an excellent role model. Research confirms what we’ve always known: when children see us involved in their school and learning, it encourages them to do their best.

“I love to see my mum in school helping at the fun events the PTA run for us.”

2. It builds trust
Becoming part of the PTA is a great way to get to know other parents and teachers while gaining an insight into the workings of the school. With parents and teachers striving towards the same goals, the parent group is instrumental in making a real difference in the school life of all children.

“Through being a part of the PTA I’ve really got to know the school and have confidence in how to fit in.”

3. It raises welcome funds
Whether it’s creating an outdoor classroom, stocking the science lab with new Bunsen burners or arranging a visit from a top author, the funds raised from your activities impact massively on the opportunities and experiences of all the children at school.

“It’s great that we finally have some decent kit at school for a change.”

4. It gives you a voice
Many PTAs already act as a consultative group for the school leaders and governors. So whether it’s deciding on where PTA funds are spent or getting parent views on wraparound care, you can make sure parents have a voice in how your school operates.

“It felt great when the head teacher asked the PTA for our views on the new school uniform policy. It made me feel listened to.”

5. It forges connections beyond the school gates
PTAs are brilliant for building relationships with the local community, from events, sponsorships from local businesses, and mentions in local press. Some PTA UK members have worked with local employees to run career fairs.

“We’ve been able to really grow the scale of the PTA with some great local contacts.”

6. It’s good for you!
Every parent has plenty to offer a PTA, and whether it’s being on the committee, helping out at events or organising meetings, your talents will be put to good use. As well as being enjoyable and satisfying, you can build your confidence and learn new
skills too.

“I’ve been able to use my design skills to help the school, it feels great to be able to make a difference.”