There was a real sense of camaraderie on Saturday as a team of volunteers gave up their time to help progress the Outdoor Classroom build. Four deep foundation holes were dug for four telegraph pole posts, which were stripped of their metal step pins and cemented into the ground. A fire pit was dug out and constructed and four of the large School Garden vegetable plots were weeded, turned over and covered for the winter. Refreshments and doughnuts were served to keep the team going!

The School and FOLSS give massive thanks to Mr. Green, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Paget, Mr. & Mrs. March, Mrs. Tabb, Mr. & Mrs. Percival, Mrs. Helps, Mrs. Baker, Mr. & Mrs. Jago, Mr. Moss, Mr. Rees and Mr. & Mrs. Byrne. We’d also like to thank the McNabb-Jones’ for the use of their loader and for the purchase and donation of the wood which will be used to construct the frame (Phase 4 – early Spring 2018). If you would like to be involved in Phase 4 which will be the construction of the surrounding frame and roof please get in touch with either Mrs. Paget, Mrs. Percival or Mrs. Byrne.

You can view lots of images of the team at work on the School website.