Amazing team work at Outdoor Classroom clear & build day

Amazing team work at Outdoor Classroom clear & build day

18th March 2018 Off By folss_admin

WOW! What an amazing effort by a hardy group of volunteers, consisting of parents, staff and pupils, as we all worked together to progress our Outdoor Learning areas on a very, very cold and blustery Saturday. We achieved a massive amount!


1) Built and erected a roof on the Outdoor Classroom.
2) Installed new benches (that were pre-built by Mr. Boersma) within the classroom.
3) Cleared the poly-tunnel.
4) Built new tables for the poly-tunnel.
5) Dug out and over one side of the soil within the poly-tunnel and added manure ready for planting.
6) Repaired the poly-tunnel door.
7) Repaired 4 KS2 benches with new timber (sourced, pre-cut, prepared and fitted by Mr. Ogle) ready for painting.
8) Installed 3 x external wipe boards (KS1 & KS2) to help staff communicate with parents/carers.
9) Installed a new FOLSS noticeboard in the School Office Reception area.
10) Weeded along one side of the poly-tunnel.
11) Cleared pond and pond surround of overgrown vegetation.
12) Installed a ‘Bug Theatre’ in the Spiritual Garden.
13) Ate a lot of cake!

We would like to give massive thanks to the following people (in alphabetical order). Everyone had a role to play and if we didn’t catch you on camera (you may argue that is no bad thing) we apologise (and rest assured you will be caught next time – what next time? I hear you all cry!):

Mr. Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Boersma
Mr. & Mrs. Byrne
Mrs. Clucas
Mr. & Mrs. Helps
Mr. & Mrs. Jago
Mr. & Mrs. March
Mr. & Mrs. Moss
Mrs. O’Connell
Mr. Ogle
Mrs. Paget
Mr. & Mrs. Percival
Mr. & Mrs. Rees
Mr. Russell
Mrs. Tabb
Mrs. Tivey
Mr. & Mrs. Waldron
The person who donated the Bug Theatre (unknown)

We would also like to give a BIG thanks to all of the children who attended with their parents. They were a credit to the school as they either played or helped safely and co-operatively for the 4+ very cold hours, and gave the adults the time and space to achieve everything we had set out to do.

I think we all felt we had done been run over by a bus when we got home, but the work was more than worth it. The pupils at the school can now make full use of all of the different areas and resources.