• Leonard Stanley Primary School
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8th February

Our disco format is provided by Discos4kids. We have a very interactive DJ, games, competitions, foam & action dancing etc. Discos4kids have a successful track record of entertaining children at lots of school discos in the area, they are fully DBS certified and have received a DJ Mark ‘Platinum Award’ for 2016.

Entrance fees are as follows:
£3.50 per KS2 child

The fee includes unlimited squash/water and a packet of crips. There will also be refreshments available to purchase for parents/carers.

Any help on the night with refreshments or co-supervising the children (alongside 2 teachers at both times) is greatly appreciated. If you can help please text Jo Byrne on 07814 578718.

Terms & Conditions
1) You will be asked to sign your child into the school building and will be asked to leave a contact telephone number.
2) All pre-school children attending must be supervised at all times and are the responsibility of the parent or carer who has brought them to the disco.
3) Children will not be permitted to leave the disco until their parent/carer escorts them from the school building.
4) Please note no photography or video taking is permitted under the school’s Safeguarding Children Policy.
5) There will be two teachers present at each disco who will be supervising the children alongside FOLSS committee members and parent volunteers.
6) Children are not permitted to bring/use mobile phones during the disco. If they should bring them they will be confiscated by a member of staff and placed in a secure sealed tub for collection at the end of the disco.
7) No food or drinks are to be brought to the disco. Only refreshments provided by FOLSS can be consumed on the premises.
8) Children who cause a disruption or act in a way that would cause danger to others may be be asked to leave. FOLSS may need to call the parent/carer to inform them that their child needs collecting from the disco. Children may also be banned from the next disco.
9) All adults supervising and parents who stay to watch/supervise the disco will be informed as to who the designated First Aider(s) is/are on duty.
10) Your child will not be allowed entry to the disco without payment of the entry fee of £3.50 (£1 for pre-schoolers) per child.