If we added up the amount of widths and lengths undertaken by all of the committed 28 children who took part it would stretch for more than 10 miles! The children showed real determination and enthusiasm with many of them having a second wind as the final minutes were called for both KS1 and KS2 sessions. Thanks goes to Catherine Brown for being the compere and ensuring everyone knew what to do when. This was Catherine’s last Sponsored Swim so we’d like to thank her for all the years she has ensured the event runs smoothly and on time. Thanks also to George our vigilant lifeguard who stepped into the breach for us this week, Lisa Walters for admin support and for counting, Karina Ogle, Louisa Barton, Natalie Helps and Mrs. Paget for counting and all of the other parents who supervised and offered moral support from poolside and in the pool (KS1). Archway School for use of their pool again this year and most importantly thanks to all of the children who swam, their efforts will be recognised by receiving ‘Achievement Certificates’ and the money raised from those efforts will help fund a new solar pool cover that will benefit all of the children at school as they swim in their final term this school year. Thanks for your support.