On Friday 12th February during school assembly we presented a ‘Wet Play Box’ and a donation of £75 for each class. Your child’s class teacher (following open suggestion discussions with their pupils) can use the £75 to purchase, games, DVD’s and activities etc. to go inside the boxes. These will then be used by your children during their wet play breaks. We hope your children will have lots more when they are stuck inside at play time during the coming months. It is also hoped that positive behaviour is also encouraged and developed as children become more engaged with activities during wet play breaks. FOLSS will also be topping up the boxes in the future with further donations for new equipment.

Children (and teachers) in the infant end of school have been feeling the full effects of the cold weather. This has been due to the positive encouragement of KS1 indoor to outdoor play and drafty doors and windows. To help keep some of the precious school heat in, FOLSS have funded the purchase of some great rainbow coloured PVC robust door panels that retain heat and demonstrate colour mixing to children. They also add a splash of colour around the school and will hopefully keep the KS1 children a little bit warmer!