Cash4coins Help


You drop off your old foreign and UK and IR currency. We then send it to Cash4coins to be exchanged for ‘new UK money’

Cash4coins promise not only the best exchange rates in the UK, but they also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

1) You bring in your old foreign and UK and IR currency and leave in the tub in the School Office Reception area.
2) When we reach 5kg in weight of coins we send it to Cash4coins.
3) Once they receive our coins, they’ll make us an offer for them – usually within 3-14 days. If we don’t like their offer, or think we can find better value elsewhere, they’ll return our coins to us at their own expense.
4) Once we accept their offer, we can receive funds into our bank account in as little as just 2 hours.

This is an easy and highly-effective way to raise valuable funds for our school.

Cash4coins is a PTA UK Approved Supplier.