Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the terrible fire that engulfed GrenFell Tower in Kensington London this week. There has been a massive outpouring of grief, shock, admiration for all of the emergency services involved (in particular the London Fire Service) and communities coming together to support those who were residents of the tower or the victims families. There are various ways that you can help and support them yourselves which include the following below. Please click on them to take you to the relevant website:

Just Giving set up by Karolina Hanusova a local North Kensington mother who has two small children at a local school and personally knows some of the families effected.
Go Fund Me set up by Simon Harris, ‘Chief Reporter’, Southend News Network
The Grenfell Tower Fire Fund has been set up by a local councillor to help the families who have lost everything.
The Latimer Road FIre Appeal was set up by a local Muslim group to help pay for emergency food and clothing, as well as paying immediate accommodation costs.
West London Tower Fire Victims Fund will raise money to alleviate the needs of the families affected.
Grenfell Tower Emergency Relief is an Amazon wishlist which will send needed items to the Portobello Trust, where victims have been congregating.
Families Of Grenfell Tower was set up by a local teacher to help residents in the aftermath.

Note: FOLSS takes no responsibility for the legitimacy of the organisations and fundraisers listed.