Please can we remind all members of the School pool that ‘jumping’ and ‘diving’ into the pool from the sides or steps is not permitted. The depth of the pool is too shallow which means there is a high risk of injury. If any members or guests are seen to be jumping and diving into the pool they will be asked to leave and will have their membership revoked. Please be responsible when using the pool. You may feel you are denying your children ‘fun’ but the reality is you will be denying them ‘injury’.

Please can you also ensure that the gate is closed after you have entered the pool area. This is so that non-members/strangers cannot enter the pool. We have spent a lot of money securing the pool area to make sure you and your children have a safe a swimming experience as possible. May we remind you that you have signed a contract that states you are not permitted to allow non-members into the pool area at anytime. Failure to comply with the pool contract will mean termination of your membership.

Thank you for your co-operation.