Happy New Year to you all! Can we still say that? I bet you all feel like the Christmas and NY is but a distant memory what with getting back into school run routines, full working weeks, icing your cars off when you’d rather be at home icing cakes… 2016 will be full of highs and lows, such is the web of life, but here at FOLSS we are entering the year full of positivity and trepidation. We have our usual calendar of successful annual fundraising events planned along with a few new ideas we are investigating for their feasibility. Believe it or not we are already planning our Summer Fair which we hope to hold on Saturday 25th June (TBC) and are moving forwards with our plans for our Solar Heating which will make swimming in the school pool less like swimming in the Arctic. All of which we’ll keep you informed about in our monthly newsletters. For those holding out for another second hand uniform sale we aim to hold one on Tuesday 9th February. It only leaves us to say we hope the year brings you all more highs than lows and if you wanted to add another new years resolution to your list we would love to see some new volunteers this year!