Pool improvements working party needed

Pool improvements working party needed

22nd January 2019 Off By folss_admin

Would you like to be involved in improving our School Pool? We need a group of people to join a Pool Working Party and work together to improve our School Pool and make it the best it can be of all users.

We need people who can help with ideas, liaise with suppliers, get quotes, write grant funding applications and more…

Ideas for improvements:

Better heating system – Solar? (Wootton Pool – https://wottonpool.co.uk/news/2017/11/morefunding-success-changing-rooms-project/), Alternative?
Better disabled access – Drop kerb from car park, ramps via changing room doors, widening doors, pool hoist?
Anti-slip floor/drainage in pool house
Anti-slip surface around pool
Repairs – liner/walls/grab rails?
Self dosing pool chemical system?
Replace pool with ‘in-ground’ pool with semi-permanent roof (BIG MONEY!)?
Any other ideas/thoughts welcome

If you would like to be involved it would be appreciated and will mean we can achieve more and sooner. Another benefit of which being that involvement can be managed remotely.

Note: If you are not a Committee Member you can contribute your ideas etc. but you will not have voting rights on any decision making.

Please contact Jo Byrne if you would like to be involved