Return your pool fobs

Return your pool fobs

5th September 2017 Off By folss_admin

We hope you all enjoyed our swimming pool at some point over the summer, despite dodging the rain and all having busy holiday schedules! Thank you for keeping the pool safe and for adhering to our Health & Safety Rules. We hope to make further improvements to the swimming area ready for next year’s season.

Please can you return your pool key fobs either by dropping them into our FOLSS white post box, posting them to us (if your children do not attend our school – please get a proof of postage) or passing them to Jo Byrne or another member of the FOLSS committee. They will be de-activated this week and if not returned (undamaged) by 31st September your £5 deposit will be cashed. We will return the deposits of returned fob users as soon as possible.

Please pay a £1 per guest that ‘used the pool’ (guest supervisors/bystanders don’t pay) between the 4th June – 3rd September. Please drop any fees owed into our post box or pass to Jo Byrne or Lisa Walters.

We have a basket of unclaimed clothing, goggles, hats etc. in the School Office Reception area. If you have lost anything whilst swimming please check the basket by 31st September. Anything left unclaimed will be used as spares next year or donated to a charity shop.