School funding cuts

School funding cuts

13th March 2017 Off By folss_admin

Schools urgently need more funding. Unless the Government allocates more money, schools will lose £3 billion a year in real terms by 2020. 98% of schools will have per-pupil funding cut.
-£87,117 Average cut to primary schools
-£405,611 Average cut to secondary schools
-£339 Average loss per primary pupil
-£477 Average loss per secondary pupil

The impact on Leonard Stanley Primary School will be:
-£70,184 Budget change by 2019 [1]
-£357 Per pupil [2]
-2 Teachers [3]

[1]: The estimated reduction in the school’s annual budget by 2019 in real terms, under current Government policies. These include plans to reallocate school budgets according to a new national funding formula, and not increasing funding per pupil in line with inflation. Find out more about our calculations.

[2]: Amount that would be lost for every pupil at Leonard Stanley Church of England Primary School as a result of the reduced budget. The school has 197 pupils according to the Government’s school census.

[3]: Equivalent number of teachers that would be lost based on the average teacher salary at Leonard Stanley Church of England Primary School, or £37,250 if the figure is not published.

To sign the petition at opposing the Government’s plan to cut schools’ funding by £3bn in real terms by 2020 and prevent the damage this is doing to our children’s education go to