Sponsor Mrs. Paget – swimming for school pool improvements

Sponsor Mrs. Paget – swimming for school pool improvements

28th March 2018 Off By folss_admin

Parent, TA, FOLSS member and swimmer Mrs. Paget is swimming as many lengths as she can as part of our 10th Anniversary School Sponsored Swim this year on Sunday 13th May. Mrs. Paget will be helping to raise money to help fund the purchase (via FOLSS – the PTFA) of a new shower and anti-slip matting for her son’s school swimming pool in Leonard Stanley.

“We are so fortunate to have our own school pool. It is a fantastic resource for the children and the wider community. During the summer term the school pool is in use every day for swimming lessons across all year groups. Having assisted in the pool during many swimming sessions, I know this brilliant resource plays an important role in boosting the water confidence and nurturing the swimming ability of our pupils. It is a real joy to see the children progress and we all appreciate the fundraising work undertaken by FOLSS to ensure our school pool remains in great condition. I’ll be swimming on 13th May to help raise funds for the next round of improvements – installation of a new shower and anti-slip matting. Please sponsor me to swim as many lengths as I can (!) and help FOLSS to raise a record total in this 10th anniversary year for the Sponsored Swim. Thank you, Mrs Paget.”

Mrs. Paget would really appreciate your sponsorship so please give generously by either donating via PayPal below, in person via her sponsorship form or by writing a cheque (payable to FOLSS) and posting to c/o FOLSS, Leonard Stanley School, Bath Road, Leonard Stanley GL10 3LY.

We’ll be cheering her on poolside and sending her lots of luck for the 13th!