Family Membership

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Family Membership

Leonard Stanley Primary School has the added rare benefit of an outdoor swimming pool. FOLSS solely fund the upkeep of the pool, it’s running and maintenance costs.

If you and your family would like to use the pool this summer, we will be open from Wednesday, 8th June – Sunday 4th September. We offer a School Pool Family Membership. Membership is at the sole discretion of FOLSS.

Membership Fees

Our Membership Fees are as follows:

£40 + £5 (returnable key fob* deposit – If paying by cheque please pay as a separate cheque**)
If your child/ren attends Leonard Stanley Primary School/Early Years/Reception intake 2022

£45 + £5 (returnable key fob* deposit – If paying by cheque please pay as a separate cheque**)
If your child/ren do not attend Leonard Stanley Primary School/Early Years

Guests (entering the pool) – £1 each (monies to be posted in the honesty box on the day or named envelope into FOLSS post box in September 2022)

Note: this is not to be abused and used as a way of using family membership by another family on your membership

** We won’t cash the separate cheque unless you do not return your key fob in September or lose it over the period of your Membership.

Family Membership mandatory requirements

The adult(s) who will be taking the children swimming MUST have attended one of the resuscitation classes that take place at the school before the end of the summer half term or hold a valid First Aid Certificate (to be shown and copied for our records) and the same adult(s) MUST be present when their children are using the pool. If you are found to attend with children and you have not adhered to this mandatory requirement your Family Membership will be revoked immediately and you will be asked to return your key fob. This is a mandatory requirement of the insurance policy.

You will have to attend a class every year you have a membership. The classes are held in April/May 2022 and you can book your space via our Eventbrite page.

The adult(s) who will be taking the children swimming MUST attend one of the resuscitation classes taking place at the school or hold a valid First Aid Certificate (to be shown and copied for our records) and the same adult(s) MUST be present when their children are using the pool. We are more than happy for more than one parent/designated guardian(s) to complete the resuscitation classes (max. 2 per membership). The classes we provide are included in the price of your membership.

1) If you have previously supplied us with a VALID CERTIFICATE that does not expire until after August 31st 2022 you need to sign a copy of the pool rules and pay your membership. You will then receive a key fob. Pool rules are available from our FOLSS noticeboard in the School Office Reception area or you can download them from our website at

2) If you have a VALID CERTIFICATE but have not supplied a copy to us or your certificate is only valid for 1 year at a time you will need to complete a Registration Form etc. and show and hand in a valid copy of the certificate to Annaleise Jones for our records. The copy can be passed to Annaleise Jones or emailed to and then a key fob can be issued.

Membership is at the Sole Discretion of FOLSS.

This year, we will be using Eventbrite to manage our Resus classes bookings.  Please visit our event page to book on.

All classes are between 6:30-7:30pm. Please arrive promptly.

If you have any issues booking on, please email for support.

What does a class involve?

Our Resus Trainer Jane is a fantastic tutor. She will talk you through and demonstrate the recovery position, resuscitation technique on dummies, use of a defibrillator and much more. You will then pair up and have a go yourselves. Jane also imparts lots of useful tips that will help give you confidence if you are thinking “What do I do?”. There is no test at the end and you can ask questions throughout the session.

At the class you will need to:
1. Listen to the training session.
2. Practice resuscitation technique on ‘Resus Annie’ model.
3. Practice using a defibrillator.
4. Complete a Registration Form on the evening of your class, or to save time download, print and fill out a form from our website below or fill out the form sent home in book bags.
5. Sign the School Pool Rules Contract.
6. Pay for your Family Membership – cash or cheque (+ separate deposit cheque) payable to Leonard Stanley PTA Swimming Club.

Please email for more information regarding pool use.


For security and to monitor who is using the pool we have a key fob door entry system. To be able to access the pool as part of your membership you will be given a designated individually coded key fob.
1) The number on the fob will be assigned to your specific membership.
2) Entry to the pool area will not be gained without your key fob which is the property of FOLSS.
3) The fob will need to be returned undamaged at the beginning of September 2022 at which point your key fob deposit will be returned to you. Failure to return the fob or if you lose the fob during your membership period will mean the non return of your £5 key fob deposit.
4) If you fail to return your fob or you lose the fob for two consecutive membership years you will not be able to take out a Family Membership for the 3rd consecutive year.
5) You will need to carry your fob at all times whilst attending the pool area and you maybe asked to show your key fob by another pool member, staff (including our Pool Caretaker) or FOLSS committee member. Other members are not permitted to let you into the pool area if you have lost or forgotten your fob and we ask that all parents/carers close the gate behind them and not have an ‘open door policy’. This is for insurance and safeguarding reasons. Failure to show your key fob may result in the termination of your Family Membership with immediate effect.
6) We will write your Membership & Key Fob No. on the forms that require it. This number will be issued at a Resuscitation Class or when you fill out the forms with Annaleise Jones if you hold your own First Aid Certificate.


Wednesday, 8th June – Friday, 22th July 2022 – 3:30pm to 7:00pm

Saturday, 21st July – Friday, 2nd September –  10:30am – 7:00pm

Form Downloads

Family Membership Registration Form 2022

Swimming Pool Membership Contract 2022