Working party – New poly tunnel build and tidy!

Working party – New poly tunnel build and tidy!

2nd November 2021 Off By folss_admin
Just before lock down we were lucky enough to have a bigger Poly Tunnel donated to replace our old smaller one. We dismantled the old tunnel and made a start at putting up the new tunnel but things have been on hold for a little while due to Covid and we now want to get the poly tunnel complete and in action ready so all the pupils can use the facility to learn how things grow.

Think of it as an extra classroom that can be used whatever the weather, it will help educate children on growing and eating, which will give them skills and knowledge they can take into adulthood. The National curriculum can also be delivered in many ways through school gardening and we all know the children love the after school gardening club!

We are looking for volunteers to help us reinstate the poly tunnel and tidy and clear. Looking for at least six competent DIY individuals and lots of support volunteers to donate their time on Saturday 13th November. 

If you can help please email 

So pleas help us get your kids growing  again, it will benefit them for a lifetime.