The sun was kind to us on Saturday 17th November as a dedicated group of volunteer parents, staff and children gave up their Saturday to achieve so much in the grounds of the School. We managed to:

1) Plant over 100 trees along the road facing ‘gap’ along our School fence, along the boundary that borders the field and appropriate areas around the grounds.
2) Fix the poly-tunnel plastic.
3) Build a poly-tunnel storage unit.
4) Clear and organise the poly-tunnel.
5) Paint two repaired benches and reposition in grounds.
6) Cut back an overgrown Buddleia.
7) Add drain pipes and a water butt to the Outdoor Classroom.
8) Build a blackboard in the Outdoor Classroom area.
9) Weed, dig over and dig in manure into 5 School Garden veg beds.
10) Paint 6 planters & Nature Garden tables.
11) Clear out, clean, organise, add storage to and paint the Early Years tunnel area.
12) Clear all the leaves from the front of the School and car park.

We would like to thank the following for all their hard work (and cake):
Mrs. Paget
Mr. & Mrs. Percival
Mr. & Mrs. Moss
Mr. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Waldron
Mr. & Mrs. McBride
Mr. & Mrs. Byrne
Ms. Clucas
Mr. Bailey
Mrs. O’Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Baird
Mr. & Mrs. Hathway
Mrs. Jago
And all the children who helped, who’s efforts were recognised by receiving a Head Teacher’s Award.