We were very humbled and impressed by the mountain of Thank You letters we received from Y2. These were written (very neatly) by each pupil to thank us for the KS1 playground markings. The pupils also asked FOLSS Chair Jo Byrne some very good questions regarding the markings, that were sent in a letter to FOLSS. FOLSS responded with their own thank you letter…
Dear Year 2
We are so pleased you like your new colourful playground!
Thank you for all your beautifully handwritten letters thanking us for the new playground markings.

We were very impressed with your vocabulary, the neatness of your writing and your very good questions.

In answer to your questions:
Q. How long did it take to paint the markings? A. They took 6 hours to paint.
Q. How much did the markings cost? A. They cost £1000.
Q. Please can we have a football pitch? A. We hope to raise some more money this year so that we can buy one for your playground very soon!